Maine Code is owned and operated by Chris Paine. Chris is an Teamcenter Implementation Engineer Freelancer in Dresden, Maine. A 20 year information technology veteran, Chris is well versed in a broad range of software technologies and programming languages. In 2015, Chris started with SIS as a front end developer, to work alongside SGT and eQ Technologic’s on the Navy Solution. The objective of this project is to perform a technology refresh by replacing 2.0 Naval Maintenance System and other miscellaneous applications with a Commercial-Off The-Shelf (COTS) ship maintenance planning solution for all ships in the Navy that meet the requirements of the MPAs Common Business Process (CBP). Through his knowledge of SOA and Java development with Jmeter could, provide the project team with meta data analysis and performance testing of the Teamcenter Data Model.

How We Work





Consultations are 100% free at Maine Code. Once a project request has been made we will spend time through email, over the phone or using an online meeting service such as Hangouts or Webex in order to gain a better understanding of your specific need. We will work with you to draft a preliminary scope for a customized solution, then send you a proposal with a quote based on that scope.

Once we receive approval to proceed, we begin developing your custom Office add-in application. In order to ensure satisfaction, we work closely with you throughout the project development stage to obtain feedback and direction as necessary. For more simple projects, the development stage may require little or no communication as we build a solution based on our initial consultation.

We deliver high quality, user-friendly spreadsheets that are designed with your specific needs in mind. Products are delivered electronically, typically through email. There are also no restrictions on how you use our add-in. We can also include training in written form or as a video tutorial for help in using more complex spreadsheets.

We don't just offer a one-time customized solution for our clients. We build a long-lasting relationship. Once we have created a Office application for you, we provide services to maintain your application and answer any questions you may have as you begin using the product. Often, this is provided at no additional charge. For substantial servicing and updates, costs are always discussed up front so that there are no surprises.

Why we Exist

Microsoft Office is a powerful and user-friendly tool with an astounding potential for use in various applications. However, for example, while Excel is wonderfully flexible and can be easy to use, creating a high-functioning spreadsheet from scratch is too difficult and time consuming for the average Excel user. There are many Excel templates available online, but templates are never tailored. They never do EXACTLY what you need and modifying them can be more strenuous than starting from scratch! That is where Maine code comes in. We provide top-notch, custom spreadsheets that solve all of the above problems for our clients.