Web Development

Analytical and results-driven professional that can provide world-class customer service for project management and IT front-and back-end development. Experience in developing user-friendly solutions for complex requirements, and supported large-scale projects for US military, private enterprise, and industrial clients.

Exceptional interpersonal skills with the capacity to explain complicated information incomprehensible language. Passionate consistent coding best practices. I have Four years of remote work experience.


Microsoft Project Addin

Code to import an Excel file which was exported from SRM system. Imported file will update the schedule and filters on the Ribbon Tab will customize the display. Source code will highlight conflicts in the schedule either gaps or lags. On Ribbon Tab: Excel File Import button: which reconciles the schedule.

Naval Project

Service Life-cycle Management(SLM) for the US navy all three divisions, Surface, Sub and Carrier. Developed Style sheets using XML and queries for the Naval project. Also developing for performance testing with Jmeter. Jmeter also customized to create objects after the deploy to test deployment quality. Applications utilized were: Teamcenter, Eclipse IDE, Notepad++, TortoiseSVN, Team Foundation Server(TFS), Jmeter, XML Marker, and Visio. Server 2012 R2 customized to use with Virtual Box.

Jmeter Load Test

Create load test of 250 users for Naval SOA System performance test of the Teamcenter project. Using Java to customize with BeanShell, Extractor Regular Expressions, Xpath Extractors, and User Defined Variables . Html reporting archived for future comparison.

Jmeter Object Creation

Using Jmeter with Java BeanShell to create all objects after a Deploy to valid the deployment. Jmeter can be used to automate creation of any or all objects, workflows, query's and style sheets. Capturing the UID with Xpath is essential to validate all objects.

SharePoint Event Receiver

Client wanted to be able to have SharePoint event receiver, upon release of a draft file automatically download the draft to an un-manage folder. Which would trigger my folder watcher application written in C# to fire Solid Edge and automatically send a pdf file to target folder location. Two separate SharePoint servers would process the draft file to a target location.

Auto generate style sheets in Java

Developed automation for generic style sheets, export from Teamcenter will standing on any object a html file of properties. The Java parses the html and generates three generic style sheets that can be instantly used in Teamcenter. Will generate Create, Property and Summary pages.

Siemens NX 9.3 API's

SpaceX wanted to improve part creation, by having myself redesign the parts creation dialog with Window Forms in Visual Studio, and increase of part production of %35 percent. Mostly using NX Open API's, and Visual Studio in C#.

Teamcenter 10.1 Admin

Trained as Administrator to customize Teamcenter for PLM of a Power-gen company, using BMIDE for code-less development, customized style sheets, queries, and workflows.

Level Loaded chart system

Developed a Level Loaded charting system by writing code for Microsoft Project(VBA), Microsoft Excel(VBA), Microsoft Access(SQL), Vantage ERP by Epicor system. Combined all these applications and languages to produce a Level Loaded chart system for the Engineering Department of a Power-gen company to post on the Kanban board. Excel to handle charting with VBA, Project for department heads to create a ghant chart with VBA, Microsoft Access to store the data and write SQL queries to have Excel to grab the tables, and Vantage ERP would provide a daily data for the software's to process.

G-code conversion

Developed software to convert legacy Visual Basic scripts to TCL language for Makino 3 and 4 axis posts. To be used in Siemens Post Builder application for probing parts.

Custom UDE for Siemens Nx

Wrote custom UDE's (User Defined Events) and published to a common server, to share these resources with other NX users on the server. Used three resource folders for DEV, TEST and PROD, with a custom C# winform (Visual Studio 2010) the end users could switch to different resource folders on the network.

Automate process in Windows

Developed scripts to for starting up Window applications, with one click start five applications. Also use for starting all the Websites for Siemens help-center like, GTAC, Help-Doc and Solution center.

Execute TCL in Notepad++ to generate g-code

Developed a technique to run TCL code (NX Post Processor code) in Notepad++. Which involved installing TCL from Active-state, which I configured to run custom proc's to test TCL code in Notepad++.