Style Sheet Generator eBook


1. Create style sheet from any html file.

2. Produce per html a create, property and summary style Sheet.

3. Will not overwrite a pre-existing style sheet, but will append any new or missing properties.

4. No user interface just run to process html files.

5. If you know XML, no learning curve for this app.

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Easy as copy and paste

Copy StyleSheetGenerator.jar file to folder of .html and execute...

The .html was extracted from Teamcenter SaveAs html to a common folder on unmanaged local machine...

Below are GIF images running on a loop.

New sheets out of the box

Open new sheets and layout. Create pages from templates commented out in style sheet. OR can place these directly in to Teamcenter "Out of the Box"...

Append new properties

Once the html has been update can easily run StyleSheetGenerator.jar again to import just the new properties without overwriting your finished sheets...

Style Sheet Generator.pdf