Customized Office suit can organize your personal life or business and help you accomplish everyday tasks faster and easier! We provide customized solutions with a wide range of application and complexity that will help you do just that!

Not sure what exactly you're looking for, but feel like there's got to be a better way than what you are currently doing? Contact us for a free consultation and let us guide you through potential solutions using Office. Below are just a few examples of how our custom spreadsheets can make your life easier.

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By using Microsoft Office as the front end for solutions, you can take advantage of the familiar Microsoft Office user interfaces and tools such as the word processing features in Word, the data analysis features of Excel, and the e-mail management features of Outlook.

Office solutions development overview (VSTO)

Visual Studio IDE

You can develop solutions in Visual Studio to customize Office applications and add the specific features you need for your business processes.

Word .docx

For example, you can turn Word into a contract generator that assembles contracts out of pre-existing parts that can be made editable or not editable.

Excel .xlsx

With Excel, you can create an automated budget worksheet customized for different projects. Your users can also take office solutions offline, which makes complex solutions more practical than they would be if you use a web-based architecture.

Microsoft Project add-ins

Custom Ribbons

Custom ribbons can be created base on your needs, for Projects or any Microsoft Office application. On ribbons the flexibility of having buttons driven by mouse clicks to activate code.

Custom Filters

Filters that are used on a day to day can be combine into one mouse click. Sort as well of the ribbon bar. With a few simple mouse clicks can totally rearrange schedule based on criteria specified.

Task Highlighting

Task highlighting based on duplicate entries. Highlights gaps and lags in schedule with one click of the mouse.

Other Services

SharePoint development

Custom event retrievers in SharePoint can be automated to generate documents after released to be placed in SharePoint or unmanaged on server of your choice.


Example data from Excel can easily be imported to Microsoft Project with a click of the mouse and located the file to import. Also a reconcile can be performed on the incoming data.

Charting and Dashboards

Charting can be simplified in Excel. A dashboard can be created to combine all data tables in your workbook. Which in turn can be made interactive with Slicers.

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Three Reasons to Work with Us

Fully Customized

Our Office add-ins are designed to meet your needs precisely and are tailored for your satisfaction with your end-goal in mind. With our advanced Excel knowledge we are able to simplify complex tasks and deliver a product that is still user-friendly.

Affordable Solutions

By minimizing expensive overhead we are able to pass those savings on to our customers, delivering quality products at an affordable price.

On Time Delivery

From initial contact to final delivery, we strive to move our projects along quickly and finish on time. Typical response times range from 1-24 hours by email. Let us know what kind of schedule you are working with and we will do everything possible to complete the project according to your needs.